Perfection is our target

All Pinacho's departments are working in constant synergy in order to get the excellence of our lathes. Offering a top quality product brings us the satisfaction and confidence of our customers.

Thanks to the investment in management systems for continuous quality improvement, we have become in a world-class machine tool manufacturer being well know due to the quality and durability of our lathes.

The main procedures of control and improvement applied on each of our processes and machines are:

  • Innovation and continuous improvement of the design of our CNC and conventional lathes.

  • Manufacturing of nearly all the components of the machine, including the bed which is produced in our foundry using maximum quality raw materials.

  • Selection of world prestige components and devices that are subject to extremely thorough verification and control processes.

  • Optimization of the manufacturing and assembly processes.

  • Geometrical verification of all the mechanical components by means of three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines.

  • Exhaustive test for mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and electrical verification.

  • After sales service with quick and efficient response.

Research & Development

Historically Pinacho has been characterized by its advanced designs and innovative solutions that have optimized the performance of flat bed lathes.

The R&D department works continuously to obtain a high precision, productive and profitable product that can satisfy all the requirements and adapt to all kind of works. Many of the solutions developed by the Pinacho’s engineers have been carried out considering the suggestions of the customers, following the current tends of the industry and the needs of the market.