New Financing Plan PINACHO


We present the New Financing Plan PINACHO, a program created in collaboration with Société Générale Equipment Finance, the European leader in financing sales and capital goods.

With the development of this new program, PINACHO goes one step further towards its clients by offering favourable conditions and facilitating investment in the ST and STH series of lathes.

“The new Pinacho Financing Plan is a service designed by and for our clients”


A new measure that focuses on customer service and support, definitely one of the great values that have characterised Pinacho since the outset. With this financing plan the constant renewal of our client’s machinery will be improved.




What are the terms of the new financing plan? 


  • Downpayment of only 20% of the total amount
  • 0% interest over 24 months
  • 1.5% interest over 36 months
  • 2% interest over 48 months

Currently, the new financing plan is only applicable to lathes from the ST and STH ranges acquired in Spain and France and lathes sold entirely by Pinacho, although this funding system will be extended to other countries in which the company works In the near future.

*Lathe accessories or components sold by another manufacturer will not be financed under any circumstances.



How can I access the New Financing Plan by Pinacho?

  1. The client must contact our sales department or the distributor, who will give details of the necessary documentation to present in order to carry out a credit study by Societe Generale (the last corporate tax payment, balance and updated loss and profit account, VAT and the completed application form for data to the CIRBE) in order to present the client with a personalized financing plan.
  2. The client will submit the documentation to our sales department or distributor.
  3. Societe Generale will conduct the credit study and if the requirements are met, funding will be granted.
  4. The customer will acquire the ST or STH lathe thanks to the NEW FINANCING PLAN.



If you would like more information about the New Financing Plan by Pinacho, please contact us by e-mail, or by telephone +34 974 41 69 30 or through your sales representative or distributor directly.