Pinacho, the European benchmark
in manufacturing of horizontal lathes

We design and manufacture high precision CNC and conventional parallel lathes. Our flat bed lathes are used for any kind of industrial application providing solutions to the most complex projects, complying the accuracy and quality demands of all our customers. Our main goal is to achieve the satisfaction of the client by means of a high quality product at competitive rates. More than 200,000 references in the market guarantee our commitment to the quality.

Our highly qualified and experienced human resources control all the productive process, from the design of the lathes to the final verification of the machines.

The company has several production departments fully complemented, working for a continuous innovation and improvement, involving any productive area like design, engineering, assembly, painting and finally verification. This internal synergy allows our company to be at the cutting edge of technology of the machine tool sector.



Our departments of engineering, design and R&D work complementary in order to provide state of the art technology.


Having our own casting facility give us the total control over the quality of all the components and row materials, besides, it provide us better efficiency in the productive process.


The assembly line of our lathes is controlled by an exhaustive quality control with the most sophisticated metrology equipment. The efforts and experience of our operators and technicians are decisive for getting the excellence in the finishing of the machinery.


A highly qualified team with many years of experience carries out the verification process. It’s a key area where the lathe is submitted to several test in order to guaranty the performance of the machine and the satisfaction of the customers.

After sales service and spares

Our after sales service will assist any technical incidence concerning mechanical and electronic implication affecting your machine. No matter how old is your lathe, our commitment is offering the best and fastest solution.

Currently our spare part department is supplying components to machines that are more than 40 years old. We have more than 3,000 references of mechanical and electronic spares in our automatized warehouse. The existence of this service proves the durability of our flat bed lathes.

Manufacturing lathes for more than 70 years

The company was established by Mr. Antonio Pinacho in 1946 becoming a benchmark and a world class manufacturer in the machine tool sector.

Our management, headquarters, factory and foundry are located in Spain where our customers can visit the show room with a complete selection of our CNC and conventional lathes. The Spanish factory has more than 20,000 m2 of facilities in order to absorb the intensive international demand for our machines.


Establishment of the company

in Oyarzun, Guipúzcoa
(Basque Country)
Founder: Mr Antonio Pinacho


Second factory

in Monzón (Huesca)


New factory

Developed by Juan A. Pinacho
in Castejón del Puente (Huesca)


Erection of our foundry

in Castejón del Puente (Huesca)